Budget Branch

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SECTION: The primary objective of the Finance (Budget) Department is to coordinate the work of formulation of Budget of the GNCT of Delhi and its presentation in the Legislative Assembly as per the provisions of the GNCT of Delhi Act, 1991. Following are the major components of work which are dealt in the Finance (Budget) :

  • Issuing of Budget circular to all the Heads of the Department of GNCT of Delhi inviting proposals for Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates.
  • Scrutiny of the Budget proposals alongwith discussion with Departments.
  • Compilation of Demands for Grants/ Detailed Demands for Grants and other related annexure.
  • Preparation of the Annual Financial Statement, Receipt Budget and other related documents.
  • Presentation of all the budget documents in the Legislative Assembly including Appropriation Bill and other Legislative works as per provision of GNCT of Delhi Act, 1991.
  • Opening of New sub-heads, detailed sub-heads and object heads of Accounts in Detailed Demands for Grants.
  • Printing of Budget documents and their distribution.
  • Follow up on the report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India relating to the State Finance and Appropriation Accounts.
  • Miscellaneous reports.
  • Re-appropriation of funds.
  • Processing and presentation of Supplementary Demands for Grants.
  • Authorisation of funds under Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
  • Management of Contingency Fund of GNCT of Delhi.
  • Allocation of funds for HBA and Computer Advances.
  • Classification and Accounting of Expenditure.
  • Monitoring and monthly review of expenditure and receipt trends.
  • Other miscellaneous correspondence and instructions relating to Budget.
  • Public Debt Management.
  • Economic Reforms.
  • Performance Budgeting.
  • Centre-State Finance relations.

Last Updated Date :- 27/03/2018

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